What is Bright IDEAs?

Bright IDEAs is a developmental daycare designed to meet the physical, social-emotional, behavioral and cogntivie needs of all children, from birth to age 12. Our approach focuses on providing an environment that is rich with safety, love and developmental challenge that encouages the maturation of the whole child. We believe that building a firm developmental foundation for all children is important and everything about our program is designed with that truth in mind.

What is Developmental Daycare?

At Bright IDEAs the words "developmental daycare" is synonymous with the use of the Integrated Developmental Educational Approach to Learning™, known commonly as the IDEA Learning System™. Our approach is comprehensive and designed to support and encourage the development of the whole child. Our curriculum is custom designed for our daycare and targets the development of the brain, body and sensory systems (Neurodevelopment), the development of memory, emotions, learning and play (Relationship Development) and the development of language, cognitive skills, choice making and self-regulation (Behavioral Development). The IDEA Learning System has helped hundreds of children with devlopmental delays grow and learn since 2005. While our daycare is not for children with special needs, we believe that the same principles apply to all children and that encouraging development from day one is the best way to help future generations.